The story of Rebecca and Madeleine – Nanaimo Canada. For years Becs had to have botox injections into her legs, as a treatment for the spasticity in her muscles that the CP causes. She would have to have no food after 6:00am, and clear liquids ’till 10:00 am, then nil-by-mouth ’till after the procedure (quick. […]

  Our youngest son, Jaxen is now in hospital with undiagnosed abdominal pain. After our third trip to the Children’s Emergency Department, he was admitted overnight. As a mother, I wanted him to be out of pain, but shuddered at the thought that my 3 year old, who has never even needed antibiotics before, may […]

The story of Noah having to get glasses – Brisbane Australia. “Mumeee….. MumEEE!” I heard as I was feeding our 3 month old one afternoon. Our two year old toddler, Noah, was awake from his nap and letting me know with his insistent calling from across the house. It took me a few minutes to […]