The story of Kouper preparing for surgery – Brisbane Australia.

Well, as I write this I am sitting with my laptop beside my son’s hospital bed. We are waiting for test results to come back. Waiting is hard…feeling helpless and not being able to take away your child’s pain is even worse.

When Kouper was two he developed an umbilical hernia. We elected to have surgery when he was four years old. Kouper was old enough to be aware at this age – but also young enough to forget about it as the years went on.

During the time we were visiting specialists at the hospital, Kouper was attending kindy. The teachers there were wonderful. They were able to incorporate Kouper’s upcoming operation into a learning experience at Kindy. The teachers created an amazing cubbyhouse “hospital” and added real play items for dress up-like masks, tubes and bandages straight from the hospital. They even allowed us to take their “doctor’s kit” home to play dress-ups. Kouper saw me dressed up in the full suit, shoe and hair covers at home, so when the time came at hospital he wasn’t even fazed.

One of the teachers at Kindy, Becky, offered her advice and experience with hospitals to us. She offered reassurance and support to me as a parent which helped so much! It was so helpful getting first-hand experience about what to expect from another parent. It was things that the doctors may not tell you, like not to be afraid when your child is being administered the anaesthetic and their eyes roll back in their head. The sight is dreadful but preparing myself beforehand made all the difference!

Becky also gave me the idea to have lots of small presents wrapped up for Kouper to open once he was in recovery. It took his mind off of his surroundings for a short while and kept him entertained.