The story of Rebecca and Madeleine – Nanaimo Canada. For years Becs had to have botox injections into her legs, as a treatment for the spasticity in her muscles that the CP causes. She would have to have no food after 6:00am, and clear liquids ’till 10:00 am, then nil-by-mouth ’till after the procedure (quick. […]

  The Story of Connor – Brisbane Australia. Role playing a few days before the surgery using a doctor’s face mask, gown, over-boots, an oxygen mask and other items in a Doctor’s bag was incredibly helpful. Connor had a great time pretending to be the doctor with me as the patient and vice versa. Using […]

  Our youngest son, Jaxen is now in hospital with undiagnosed abdominal pain. After our third trip to the Children’s Emergency Department, he was admitted overnight. As a mother, I wanted him to be out of pain, but shuddered at the thought that my 3 year old, who has never even needed antibiotics before, may […]

The story of Noah having to get glasses – Brisbane Australia. “Mumeee….. MumEEE!” I heard as I was feeding our 3 month old one afternoon. Our two year old toddler, Noah, was awake from his nap and letting me know with his insistent calling from across the house. It took me a few minutes to […]

Story of Abe in casualty – Florida USA. We were on holiday down in Destin Florida USA; Abe was 2yrs old. We had a very poorly boy all night – high temperature and wheezing (which he’d had before) – and by about 6am his breathing was getting a lot harder so we took him into […]

Becky & Gus – UK and Australia. Help! What do we do? How are we going to cope? What’s going to happen? The questions were endless. My mind went into overdrive and there was no time to really think about it all; it just happened. There I was in hospital, sitting by my son’s bed, […]